Thursday, February 11, 2010


Good morning, Jesus.  Thank you that everything I hold in my head- You hold in your hands. 

Love, Kelly

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tuesday to-dos

I am now:

-a resident of Tacoma, WA (officially...with a change of address and everything. ) :)
-the owner of a motor vehicle again (and legally, once I get the tabs today.)
-an unsupervised B of A teller.  (okay, they still check in to make sure I'm doing okay, but I'm not "in training" anymore.) 

And guess what?  All of those areas of my life I've been trying to invest in?  I have been reminded that I do a LOT better with all of them when I am in a routine.  I just do.  As in:  I am just now, after living here for 3 weeks, finding a rhythm that enables me to think about things like running 4 miles and not eating dairy or sugar and writing letters to college friends.

So on my to-do list today is to take Rocco  (see above) on a walk/run, make Angus road-legal, do my taxes (because there's no need to procrastinate when you're getting money back!!) and brainstorm last-minute ideas for Matt for Sunday.  And maybe hang out with Lisa, too...  (umm and also work. )

Because it's our first Valentine's Day (and my first one ever in a relationship-is that weird?)  there's a lot of pressure to make it a good one.  And while I know he's feeling a little more pressure than I am, he's almost guaranteed to make it good because there's no bar even set for me.  And I'm pretty easy to please.  Pink flowers and I'm happy.  But he can be a tough nut to crack- and I'm still stabilizing my budget right now, so a nice gift is out.  And the easy thing to do when you're a girl (that would involve lingerie or whatever) is off the table for us until my last name changes.  So...what to do, what to do?  Creativity (but boy-approved, that's the pickle!) is the name of the game.