Tuesday, April 24, 2012

18 months in review

in the past 18 months since I last posted (I know, I'm sorry..), here are a few pictures of what we've done:

we have worked:
Matt's 6 commission check day

and renovated our kitchen:

before: oak cabinets, laminate flooring & countertop
during: painting the cabinets, added granite counters, tile floors & can lights
after!  we love.

we've added this fur machine to our little family:
Mia, day 1 with us
Mia now...she sat here throughout his whole nap & he 
never woke up.

and she has become Paris' best best friend

Paris & Mia's tough life
we have traveled to Philadelphia for my baby sister's high school graduation:
matt taking on my Grandma, the queen of Scrabble
with my parents & sis at the Liberty Bell
with Anna in Philly

peonies in the lobby of the Plaza

to Mexico to watch our friends get married:

and to Bermuda to hold hands with each other.

the beachfront at our hotel
crystal caves

I've been promoted twice...

and have had one miscarriage.

And through it all, all of those joys and that one incredible heartbreak, I have loved, loved, loved being married to my wonderful husband.  He is my best friend, makes me laugh and makes my knees go weak every day, and I am so blessed to be his wife.