Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Countdown!

I am getting married in 4 days.  FOUR!!  Which means that I'll probably start blogging more once the wedding planning is finally over. 

I have just found the process of wedding blogging incredibly overwhelming.  I mean, I am the kind of girl who already tells everyone she knows what my new shoes for the wedding look like, etc., so my spare time has been reserved for more important (no offense) things like spending time with Matt and trying to wrap my mind around becoming a wife.   (That last part hasn't really been mastered, btw...I'm planning on just leaning on's been successful in the past.)  :)

but I'm super-excited to be marrying my Matt this weekend.  This picture from my East Coast shower about sums up my feelings on the matter:

(I am jumping on a trampoline with my the play veil that was forced upon me.  we may have had a bit of champagne prior to getting on the trampoline...)

see you when I'm a "Mrs."!  (how crazy is that?!?!)