Monday, March 8, 2010

hail! our new website!

March is very tricksy with its weather.  And I always forget & get lured in by its whispers of a warm spring, only to get caught in a freak hailstorm without a coat (that was today). Crazy! 

At the top of my highlights for today were:
- busting out our wedding website (after over-thinking it waaaay too much.)  Turns out hugs from Matt & a new hosting site were all the inspiration I needed to get it up & running!  (I'll post it once we have the date more solidified...but it's definitely looking like Labor Day weekend!)

- discovering that Fiber One bars kind of taste like Samoas.  (I said kind of...)  One more reason to not shut up about these things.  Seriously, they're so good! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

getting married!!

umm I am engaged.  (!!)

Matt asked me to marry him yesterday on the drive back from Long Beach (where we were clam digging with his family).  

and so a NEW GOAL is to not be a crazy person who lets the wedding porn (yes, it really is like that) take over my life. 

but so far the preliminary planning has been fun.  and calling Matt my fiance and staring at this gorgeous ring is lots of fun. 

but I have no intention of letting this become a wedding blog.  (for now, at least).  :)