Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving time!

We are hosting 20 people for Thanksgiving this year.

Matt insists on hosting his family because he *loves* leftovers and the host gets the bulk of them.  (seriously).  :)

So as his wife this year, I get to be the hostess!

I love party planning.  I love the anticipation of everyone in our home and sharing such a wonderful, nostalgic holiday.  Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday- it makes so much sense to my soul- and I can't wait to welcome our west coast loved ones!

When I get excited about planning for anything, I tend to get stubborn about a few creative details- typically the first few that pop in my head during the planning process.  For this Thanksgiving, I'm most excited about centerpieces of mums in fall colors and of these turkeys with my nephews for place settings. 

adorable, right?  and a good activity for my super-energetic, culinary enthusiastic nephews!

what are your Thanksgiving plans or projects?

1 comment:

  1. eat, eat...and...yes, eat. :)

    good luck hosting...i know you'll do great!