Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a well-rounded resolution

It's two weeks into 2010. Time for Kelly resolutions! By now I figure I've had ample time to think about my resolutions and goals & actually come up with a plan for consistency.

So my goal is to pursue responsibility in all areas of my life- in order to grow and "be a better woman" (which is basically my goal every year...) My plan is to follow a list of all areas of my life I want to be investing in & track every day how well I invested in each area. (By recording it "publicly" I'm hoping to stay accountable.)

Ideally it will turn into a place for ideas and stories of the impact this will have in my life, instead of just me "checking off" these categories as obligations...

The list: (with ideas in each category)

Today Have I:

Done something good for my body?
-run (goal of a 5k this year)
-yoga (try to find a Bikram class in Tacoma)
-volleyball (find an intramural team once I move)
-balance ball

Done something good for my mind?
-reading up on current events
-having discussions/debates about things that matter to me
-investing in other women ( -sticky notes, etc.

Done something good for my soul?
- journaling
- daily quiet times
- Bible in year
- crying when I need to
- enjoying where I am, appreciating the little things & being thankful.

Invest in my relationships?
(being a good roommate, daughter, sister, girlfriend, neighbor)
- showing the people I love through their own love languages that I care for them.
- praying for them every day, specifically.
- not talking about myself or things I'm excited about in all of my conversations & listening more.
- being hospitable by inviting people over.

Invested in industriousness/resourcefulness?
(being a Proverbs 31 woman)
-learning new recipes
-DIY projects
-"making do" with what I already own

Been responsible with my money/things I own?
- planning & making my meals
- leaving money/debit card at home when I go out
- making a budget & sticking to it
- setting a timer for 10 minutes before bed & cleaning

Water today: /64oz. (128 on Bikram days)

Points today: /20 (plus weekly extra /35 used)

So I'll be back later tonight with today's report! (hmm, and a synonym for "report" that will account for humanity & still keep me motivated...)

I'm you have a similar list of areas you try to spend time on each day? Any other ideas for ways I can invest in a specific category (or a category I completely overlooked?)

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  1. well hello my blogger friend!! I love it!! very detailed resolutions...I'm a little behind at putting mine together!