Tuesday, April 30, 2013

11 weeks!

11 weeks

Audrey Catherine: 

loves her hands- she puts them in her mouth whenever she can!  She hasn't quite figured out how to grab her feet yet but stares at them and kicks like crazy.

loves my hair: she grips it in her hands whenever she can & stares at it when she's nursing.  She seems mesmerized when I brush or curl it in front of her.

recently discovered Paris as a moving object.  She will follow her with her eyes when Paris walks by her play mat.  This morning Paris walked up to us on the couch, sniffed Audrey and lightly licked her cheek.  I can't wait for them to be friends!

her laugh is amazing: it is this breathy, jolly little intake!

has a fake cough that KILLS ME it's so cute!   Her pediatrician said it's normal at her age: her lungs and diaphragm are developing and she's exercising them. 

somehow has stinky feet.  I was shocked when I sniffed them, expecting them to smell like "baby" but nope- they smell like feet.   :)

her sneezes are quite the production: she usually sneezes at least twice, coughs a few times and sometimes toots too, for good measure. 

she LOVES her daddy- on Sunday he called me into the room to come see her flirt with him!  She was grinning coyly at him and then would TURN HER HEAD away and then look back at him and grin again!  We are in big trouble...

she is on a lovely 3-3 1/2 hour routine that has changed my life.  She goes down to sleep with a white noise machine and a little space heater set at 67, in a swaddle me, and usually while I sing "Rock me mama" or "Seoithín, seo hó". She still sleeps in our room in her bassinet for the time being- I usually dream feed her around 11 and she sleeps until 4 or 5.  Once time she slept until 7 and it was amazing.

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  1. oh, I love the blog and want to come visit soon. You have me in happy tears today and I need happy something. God Bless you both for the wonderful parents you are. Love you... Grantie