Saturday, October 13, 2012

23 week update

It is unreal how late to the game I am in documenting my pregnancy.  I'm more than halfway there!  Things feel like they're starting to really take off now that my belly is round.  And better late than never, right?  

How far along? 23 weeks, 3 days
Baby is the size of: a large mango/grapefruit- over a pound this week!

Total Weight gain: I think 12 pounds.  I can't remember where I was at my last appointment & refuse to weigh myself at home. 
Maternity clothes? Exclusively.  I bought some cute things this weekend to carry me into colder weather.  But I'm wondering what to do about a coat!  It started raining this week & my northface *just* zips up over my boobs and belly.  (Also had to buy new bras in a letter I never fathomed before...cannot wait to see these puppies when my milk comes in.  Matt & I talk about that all the time.)  Anyway, back to the coat...since it rains more than it snows in WA, it makes more sense to go the waterproof route with a fleece attached than a wool winter coat but those maternity peacoats are so cute!  I'm going to try to find a consigned option. 
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: Been sleeping great! 
Best moment this week: Angie's shower was a huge highlight!  Also the nursery is almost all cleared out & we picked the paint color! Baby girl has been moving around a lot which is amazing!

Miss Anything? Leaning up against surfaces without hitting my belly.  That's a weird new issue- the belly's in the way & it's hard to maneuver around!  Also miss leaning over normally- I can't do it without groaning now.  :)
Movement: I feel her more and more now!  Always when I first settle into bed but more during the day now, too!  Mostly little stretches and kicks but my favorite is when she rolls.  Last night she was doing it so much it tickled and I couldn't stop giggling.  Mostly because I was so happy to feel her but it really did tickle.
Food cravings: Tapatio, fruit, gelato.  I cannot get enough Tapatio.  I have it on eggs every. morning.  So good. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: One of my co-workers had to leave yesterday because he was throwing up in the bathroom (and we could all hear him) and that almost did me in.  But otherwise, haven't been sick since the 4th of July (@ 9 weeks).  I feel really lucky on that count.  This little lady has been pretty easy.  And I pray she stays that way.  Especially through puberty.  Please, Lord.

Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: nope.

Symptoms: Lower back achiness, sensitive gums. I've been more tired the last few days & I'm not sure if it's just because it's the end of the workweek or because little one is going through a growth spurt.  Random leg cramps. 
Belly Button in or out? In.  I have a seriously deep belly button so it's going to take a LOT to push it out.  Matt has been charting its progress though, and it is getting more shallow. 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY
Looking forward to: The crib should be arriving sometime next week!  I'm so excited to start putting her nursery together!  I'm working on a grey, pink & cream theme.  Also to hearing her heartbeat again at my appointment Tuesday!

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  1. Your belly looks so round and cute!!

    I totally agree about the scale. I will NOT weigh myself at home. No way.

    Also, We are the same. Huge boobs and deep belly buttons. ha. Brad and I are always talking about what my boobs will be like when the milk comes in. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

    And I was laughing last week 'cause I noticed my belly button getting shallower. It was super exciting. :)