Thursday, October 18, 2012

24 week bump update

How far along? 24 weeks, 1 day
Baby is the size of: a corn.  Not "corn", "a corn".  hehe.  I really love the fruit/veggie comparisons!
Total Weight gain:  yikes, 20 pounds as of Tuesday's appointment. 
Maternity clothes?  yes.  :)  I still have some long drape-y tanks that I wear to work.  This week 2 women asked me in one day when I'm due & my manager got indignant for me.  I mean, yes, I am pregnant, but isn't it a widely accepted social truth that you don't ASK a woman about it? 
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: Sleeping good still, trying to finish my water intake before 8 so I'm not up quite as much peeing.  But otherwise good. 
Best moment this week: Our crib came today!  The box is ginormous and pretty much takes over the living room.  Loved hearing little girl Tuesday on the doppler!  Got to talk to my mama for 2 hours after my appointment, and we talked mostly about baby girl's crib bedding (which she's making).  I ordered 15 swatches and I have to narrow it down to 5 max.  Excited for them to come & see what will pair well together!

Miss Anything? Not really!  This time of year I really enjoy having a glass of red wine in the evening after dinner so if I miss anything it's that.  And I know I *could* have a small glass at this point in my pregnancy, but it's not an important thing, why risk it?  (my opinion).
Movement:  She is moving more and more!  Last night she would NOT settle down when I got in bed. And at my appt my OB was laughing because she could barely get her heartbeat reading (which only takes 1 second of inactivity to register).  Little one wouldn't stop the acrobatics. 
Food cravings: chocolate, Chai tea
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope. 
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: nope.

Symptoms: nosebleeds (kinda- when I blow my nose, not random, throw your head back nosebleeds...)
Belly Button in or out? In still. 

Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!  although I can cry on demand. 
Looking forward to: Painting the nursery this weekend!  We're going to a harvest party on Saturday- I'm excited to see some of my friends in Seattle!

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