Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Girl Harber!

A few weeks ago, we found out that we are having a girl in February! 

When we found out we were pregnant (back in May, basically a few weeks after my last post) we debated whether or not we would find out the gender.  Debated as in Matt trying to convince me that it would be nice to wait and me successfully convincing him that I cannot POSSIBLY have information available to me and NOT find out. 

Plus, that would keep us from experiencing a gender reveal as inspired by Pinterest!

So Matt agreed that we would find out the gender of our baby.  
And I scoured Pinterest for the cutest reveal ideas.

And then our dishwasher broke.  

This was around June, about 10 weeks before we would have our ultrasound, and I made sure Matt knew that we were NOT THROWING AWAY that big box the new dishwasher came in.  

It sat in the garage all summer until the day I could do this: 

please ignore the crap in my garage...

We asked the ultrasound tech not to tell us, but to text my mother-in-law (who was prepared with a helium tank, the box, and a bunch of pink & blue balloons) "boy" or "girl".  
She was a trooper (actually, they both were!)

Matt's cousin Amanda (who is an incredibly talented photographer building her portfolio) took the pictures on a trestle bridge in Orting, WA (it's the Orting bike trail, for locals) and I love how they turned out!

I love the look on my husband's face...
pink!  it's a girl!

our sweet baby girl!  I love her button nose!

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  1. Your gender announcement photos inspired me like no other. Just last week I informed Brad that we needed to do our own gender reveal photoshoot, and we came up with a top secret idea to do so.

    All that to say, Yay for little girls! I hope we get one, too. :)