Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Angie's Shower

My SIL Angie, who is wonderful, had her baby girl Samantha on September 19th, 5 1/2 weeks early.  I had been planning a gender-neutral shower but happily added pink accents to properly welcome Samantha Jean. The party was Sunday, and it was so much fun to prepare for and throw!
our front door (I can't figure out how to remove the 'no soliciting' sign.)
pink & green balloons lining the walkway

The menu:
raspberry lemonade
chicken salad sliders
smoked salmon dip & mini toasts
spinach salad
fruit salad
lemon cheesecake bars
oreo truffle pops
raspberry lemon curd cupcakes

raspberry lemonade, mason jars & green striped paper straws

oreo truffle cake pops (these were a big hit)

chicken salad sliders

fruit salad
  My mother in law and Matt's Aunt Lorie did all of the food except for the oreo pops (all me, baby) so I had time to go a little nuts with decor.  I'm especially proud of the banner I made!  Apparently these are the crafts I'm capable of while my husband watches football in the evenings.  :)
Angie & I
  I put together a scrapbook for Samantha with pages for everyone to write on for her.  Each page had a title like "I hope you learn...", "I hope you ignore...", "I hope you experience..." 
This was a really fun keepsake for the guests to work on! 

Samantha's scrapbook & pages with prizes for games

thank you cards
some of the games

adorable diaper cake Aunt Lorie made

the boys showing us their Halloween costumes (& guarding their sister)

My sweet niece Samantha

there are mostly clothes in here.  everyone loves a little girl! 

Samantha got a TON of cute clothes! 
 She couldn't stay for the shower per her pediatrician's orders (premies need extra TLC, and keeping them out of crowds during cold & flu season is apparently key). 

Wow, whoever is lucky enough to be born in a few months sure will get some great hand-me-downs (Hey, that's MY little girl!)  :) 

I had a great time! :)

All in all, I think it was a great success, especially being the first shower I've ever thrown! 

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  1. CUTE!!! Those cake pops look amazing! Good work!